Seasons in My Garden DVD - Thread Painting Lesson


Learn to Thread Paint

Perfect for beginners or as a refresher course!!

90 Minute Video Workshop

Seasons in My Garden

Invite Nancy into your home for a one-on-one thread painting class!  This class is great for both beginners and for those needing a refresher course in thread painting techniques. This 90 minute workshop provides not only step-by-step and stitch-by-stitch close-ups of the secrets of thread painting, but also shows you how to create four seasonal garden vignettes that you can use to make an adorable wall hanging, scenes for a purse, focal point for placemats, tea or bathroom towels, a vest or jeans adornment or whatever your imagination can come up with.

 Don't miss out on the fun!!


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  • Over 90 minutes of video featuring stitch-by-stitch close-ups
  • A 60 page PDF desk reference mirroring each step of the video
  • Special pricing on optional Seasons in My Garden Project kits
  • High quality close ups for easy viewing of details
  • Lesson playlist to let you quickly replay specific parts of the workshop




Specially priced options to make it easier to complete the projects.


Background Fabric and Stabilizer   ($11.75)

Many of you may not be familiar with stabilizers. To keep the cost of the workshop to a minimum, this kit is for you. The kit includes the background fabric and stabilizer needed to thread paint all 4 of the designs. 
  • (4) 10" x 10" pieces of crème Kona cotton background fabric
  • (4) 10" x 10" pieces of OESD Aqua Mesh water soluble stabilizer backing
  • (4) 10" x 10" pieces of water soluble stabilizer film

6" Wooden Hoop    ($12.00)


60 Weight Bobbin Thread  ($8.50)



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Marc T, 06/23/2011

I was very hesitant to take the video but I felt like I was taking a private lesson with Nancy. The camera is right on the design so there is no doubt what Nancy is trying to show us. I would recommend this video to anyone.

Reviewed by Sandra G, 06/08/2011

I never thought I would be able to thread paint but after nancy's step-by-step video, I am a very confident thread painter.